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Lexi Clayton: Songs For Ferry

Over the course of the season Briton Ferry's Alexise Clayton has been moonlighting as the clubs official song writer.

Crafting catchy chants for her teammates you can find a selection below and perhaps her them sung today.

Georgia Howells -Georgia Howells baby, Georgia Howells ooooh (don’t you want me baby)

Ela Smitham -on the field of old road, where we watch little Ela Smitham play, and can she play!

Jess Denscombe - Jess Denscombe on the wing we have dreams and songs to sing about the ladies of the Ferry on old road

Jess Denscombe -rhythm is a dancer, Denscombe is the answer, she can score from anywhere

Lexi Clayton - What’s that coming over the hill, it’s Lexi Clayton, it’s Lexi Clayton

Mollie Jones -Mollie Jones, always believe in your soul, you’ve got the power to know, you’re indestructible, always believe in Mollie Jones!

Lowri Ridings and Laura-May Walkley -And I like it, I like it, I like it, I like it, I la la like it, la la like it, here we gooooo Ridings and Laura Mayo

Megan Kearle -Heeeey, Hey Baby. Oo ah, I wanna knowwww, if you've seen Meg Kearle.

Olivia Townsend -Gimme gimme gimme, a winger from Barry, her name is liv Townsend and she scores loads of goals

Rhys James -We've got super Rhys James, he knows exactly what we need. Ridings at the back, Meg Kearle in attack. We're gonna win the Premier league

Fleur Jenkins -Follow, Follow, Follow, ferry are the team to follow - we’ve got Fleur Jenkins she runs like an engine the poshest Bristolian I know

Lucy Powell -Oh baby do you know what that’s worth, Lucy Powell is the best of earth, they say in heaven love comes first, Lucy Powell is the best on earth

Laura-May Walkley -Oh Laura Mayo, she’ll run all day oh, she signed for Ferry from Cardiff Met, she’s 4 foot 7, she’s football heaven - please don’t take my Mayo away

Manon Thomas -Manon, oh Manon Thomas is running down the wing duh uh duh uh duh (Heart beat theme tune)

Courtney Young -Sha la la la la la la la la oh Courtney Young (the Chris Gunter tune)

Alice Broadley -Ain't nobody like Alice Broadley, makes me happy, makes me feel this way

Brooke Llewelyn -Brooke, Brooke will tear you apart again (Love will tear you apart tune)

Ela Roberts -Singing do wha diddy diddy Dum diddy do, running down the right wing and scoring one or two! She looks good, she looks fine, Ela Roberts on my mind and she’s ferry’s number 9

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